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The future is now and The Web is the Application.

At, we believe that the future is already here and the web is the ultimate tool for growth and success. Our team draws on years of experience and combines resources to provide our clients with their own cutting-edge web development team.

Brothers Andy and Tim Bottman founded more than 15 years ago with the goal of providing comprehensive web development and hosting services to small businesses. Since then, our mission has evolved to focus on custom web application development for small businesses and entrepreneurs, including e-commerce implementations and unique web-based applications built to meet our clients' specific needs.

We are passionate about the endless possibilities of the web and we want to empower you to unlock your business's full potential. Let be your trusted partner on this exciting journey towards success.


Meet the Bottman Brothers

Andy Bottman owner developer 

Andy B. on the water
On the water

Andy has been involved in providing technical multimedia and Web development services in Portland Oregon since 1995 and is well versed in the full breadth of the production process. In 2015 Andy and his family returned home to Montana where he enjoys his family, the outdoors and interesting work (like building a Map Stack or a Headless CMS). Andy believes in Open Source software and Open Access to public lands. Connect w/ Andy on LinkedIn.



Tim Bottman owner developer

Tim B.
With the family.
Tim B. hitting the Ace!
Hitting the Ace!

Tim has worked as a multimedia and internet developer since the 90's in Portland Oregon, and for a time from Prague, CZ. He is familiar with many development technologies, including all of those that the modern internet is built from. When not working on a project or researching new technologies, Tim likes reading science fiction, playing disc golf with friends,, day hiking and most importantly spending time with his family. You can see what Tim is up to on Twitter, Instagram, and now trying: Mastodon.

Contact to get ahead on the web.