the Web site and blog for the knitwear designer professional blogger, Nancy Ricci, is the new home to her Adventures and Yarn Lustings online. Perviously was a wordpress site. Nancy wanted more control of web site functionality and identity. She choose for the next phase of her web site. The "Professional Web Package" provided for end to end development of the Getting Purly With It Web site including; domain, email, website design, custom development, Wordpress migration, hosting and fully featured traffic analytics.

Portland VA CD-ROM

When the Portland VA Medical Center needed a developer to produce a CD-ROM and Multimedia Interface for their Pandemic Influenza Preparedness project they turned to The BBros were able to provide a cost effective solution that incorporated all technical requirements and custom CD size in a single cross platform CD-ROM. From concept to pressing provides one stop development. produced for the multi-state law firm, Wallace, Klor & Mann, P.C.. The site is completely managed by the client and features a current and frequently updated legal blog and newsletter with entries dating back to early 2004.