Our clients are professionals and they expect a professional Website.

BBros.us LLC provides a modern mobile adaptive website that is easy to administrate and built to your specifications. Work directly with the professionals.

Meet the BBros.us team Work with the professionals

We are excited about the future of the "Web as the Application". It is our belief that by consolidating resources and drawing on our years of experience, we provide our clients the most cutting edge Websites available. Now and into the future.

BBros.us LLC is the long standing partnership of Andy Bottman, Tim Bottman and DiDi Davidovich. We have a history in web design and development stretching back more than twenty years. Ten years ago we started BBros.us to provide Web development and hosting services to businesses, primarily attorneys and law firms nationwide. In that time we have taken our clients from collocated physical servers to the virtualization of web services on the cloud.

Andy Bottman project manager

Andy has been directly involved in providing technical multimedia and Web development services in Portland Oregon since 1995 and is well versed in the full breadth of the production process. Andy enjoys his family, the outdoors and interesting work. Andy believes in open source software, follow him as BeatnikDude on Drupal or Twitter.

Tim Bottman lead developer

Tim has worked as a multimedia and Web developer since the 90's and is familiar with many development technologies including all of those that your Web presence depends upon. Tim likes reading science magazines, playing disc golf, correspondence chess, day hiking, coding, symmetry, travel and spending time with his family.

DiDi Davidovich art director

DiDi brings more than a decade of design experience working for Portland's design agencies as a much sought after consultant that can handle any challenge on the Web or in print. DiDi is the owner of Davidovich Design and has partnered with BBros.us to provide beauty to our intelligent development.