About BBros.us LLC

Our mission at Bottman Brothers is to deliver compelling, convenient, and affordable web solutions to businesses large and small. Using a One-Stop concept, we create online visibility that is strategic and professional. We have an extensive history in custom Web design and development. It is our belief that consolidating resources and drawing on our years of experience provides our clients’ web sites the most powerful, cutting edge tools that web development has to offer. Now and in the future.

Meet the BBros.us team and work directly with the professionals.

Andy Bottman: Project Manager

Andy has been directly involved in providing technical multimedia and Web development services in Portland Oregon since 1995 and is well versed in the full breadth of the production process. Andy digs planning, hard work and open source software. Follow Andy as BeatnikDude on Drupal, see what he is reading via Twitter or see if he found time to post on his blog CrownedUp.com.
Tim Bottman: Lead Developer
Tim has worked as a multimedia and Web developer since the 90's and is familiar with many development technologies including all of those that your Web presence depends upon. Tim likes reading science fiction, hiking, coding, symmetry, travel and spending time with his family.  Check out his blog to keep up with his varied interests: baxwrds.com.
DiDi Davidovich: Art Director
DiDi brings a decade of design experience working for Portland's design agencies as a much sought after consultant that can handle any challenge, on the Web or in print. DiDi is the owner of Davidovich Design and has partnered with BBros.us to provide beauty to our intelligent development.