Web Solutions for Attorneys

BBros.us LLC provides a modern mobile website that is secure, easy to administrate and built to your specifications.

Solutions for Attorneys one website, any device

BBros.us can provide your practice a professional Website; with an modern design approved by you, mobile friendly across all devices, secured with SSL, client managed and search engine optimized.

After developing your Website, BBros.us hosts and monitors everything keeping software secure and your email accessible. Going forward you can count on responsive support from BBros.us to answer questions or address technical issues.

Why? it's time

Mobile web traffic continues to grow in 2019. Currently 80% percent of internet users own a smart phone and 95% of these have used mobile search for local information and research. Google now penalizes sites that fail to be "mobile friendly".

Our clients are professionals and they expect a professional Web presence. We provide end to end web services, primarily for attorneys and law firms. We have taken our clients from the past to the cutting edge and built lasting business relationships along the way. We want to you to succeed on the internet with a modern, secure, mobile friendly Website that is easy to manage and backed by our direct support.

How? simple

The BBros.us development process goes something like this: We agree on a price and general scope, then take your input on design, plans and current Website. BBros.us then provides a site outline, details functionality as needed and provides design comps for your feedback/or approval. On approval, we open a development site, where you can preview your new design in place, demo administration functionality, view live integration of existing material and provide feedback and approval. Once approved, your new Website goes live! Easy to administrate by you or your staff, and backed up by BBros.us.

Ready? one stop web shop

Contact us with your Website plans, we will provide you a flat fee proposal for development, hosting and ongoing management of your web presence. BBros.us provides professional solutions.